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Installing Full Tilt Poker software on Linux with Wine

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Full Tilt Poker doesn't provide binaries that run natively on Linux. But with the free software Wine it is possible to execute Full Tilt Poker on Linux. And here you will find a step by step tutorial of how to do that. Let's begin.

What do you need?


We installed PokerStars with Wine 1.1.9 on OpenSuse 11.1 with KDE Version 4.1.3. But other distributions and of course newer Wine versions should also work.

Seven steps to run Full Tilt Poker on Linux with Wine

  1. Open your shell
  2. Go to your Wine directory
:~> cd .wine
  1. Copy the Full Tilt Poker setup file to your Wine directory
:~> cp /home/user/FullTiltSetup.exe /home/user/.wine
  1. Start the setup with Wine
:~> wine ./FullTiltSetup.exe&
  1. Follow the instructions of the Full Tilt Poker setup. After the setup is complete, Full Tilt Poker starts the first time. Now you can create a new account or sign in if you already have an account.
  1. Once installed, you can start Full Tilt Poker from the shell:
:~> wine "C:\Programme\Full Tilt Poker\FullTiltPoker.exe"
  1. or from the KDE menu (see screencast below)

That's it! Have fun and good luck!

Screencast of installing Full Tilt Poker on Linux

In the screencast below, you can see the installation of Full Tilt Poker on OpenSuse 11.1.

High quality movies

If you want to see the screencast in a higher quality, just download it in your favorite file format.

Format Size  
34 MB
42 MB
38 MB

The movies should work fine on Linux with Kaffeine or MPlayer and on Windows with the VLC media player.

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