WotR “Hörertreffen” 2009: Party, chicks and a trip to sardinia

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 by skylowlow

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I played the final table of the Webmasters on the Roof Series of Poker (WotR) in Munich on Saturday, 24th. The event was hosted by Mediadonis and Fridaynite and sponsored by Everest Poker, which all made an incredible job. The location, the 089 Bar in Munich, was also great and the party really amazing.

And best of all, Silke Burghardt and I survived the final table (besides Marcus and Fridaynite) and therefore won the two tickets to Sardinia in May to play the final EPEC 2009 tournament. We started with 4.000$ chips and blinds of 25$/50$. I really had no hands and played only four hands the whole tournament. With an M-ratio of 2, I had to call an all-in move with K9 against the AQ of Marcus. I turned a full house (Kings full of nines) so I doubled up and survived. Sorry Marcus! In the end, the last player was eliminated by Silke.

In Sardinia, there will be about 200 participants, who qualified in several Everest Poker events (live and online poker). The prize pool of this tournament is overall $100.000. The tournament’s prize structure has not been published yet.

Here are some pictures of this fantastic evening:

WotR Munich 2009 Pic 1
WotR Munich 2009 Pic 2
WotR Munich 2009 Pic 3
WotR Munich 2009 Pic 4
WotR Munich 2009 Pic 5
WotR Munich 2009 Pic 6

Special thanks to Thomas Luk, Nils Hennig, Silke Burghardt and Gianfranco Murgia for a great party.

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[...] I mentioned in a previous post, I won a trip to Sardinia to play the Everest Poker European Cup (EPEC) final [...]

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