Winners and losers at the PartyPoker Den III

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 by skylowlow

As PartyPoker announced on their blog, Andrew Feldman and Robert Williamson III are the big winners after the 36 hours marathon poker session at the Poker Den III in London.

21 players took a seat at this game, including poker pros such as Roland de Wolfe, Ian Fraser, Jennifer Tilly and Phil Laak. Each player had to pay a minimum buy-in of $10.000, with blinds starting at $25/$50. All players were free to leave the table at any time they wanted.

The biggest winners were Andrew Feldman and Robert Williamson III. Both of them won about $63.000.

The biggest loser was Sammy George, who gambled away over $78.000.

Here is an overview of the buy-ins and the cash outs:

Name Buy-in Cashed out
Andrew Feldman $40.000 $103.350
Robert Williamson III $30.000 $93.675
Richard Wheatley $20.000 $61.025
Phil Laak $20.000 $42.325
Bodo Sbrzesny $20.000 $42.850
Chris Smith $20.000 $40.000
Juha Helppi $40.000 $55.775
Roberto Romanello $10.000 $24.000
Jennifer Tilly $20.000 $32.550
Ian Frazer $20.000 $28.550
Neil Channing $60.000 $66.450
Joshua Landis $39.350 $41.874
Barney Boatman $30.000 $19.000
Joel Nordkist $30.000 $14.200
Chris Parker $60.000 $28.550
Ilios Kamatakis $10.000 $0
Alex Roumeltiotis $25.150 $0
David Williams $40.000 $0
William Martin $40.000 $0
Roland de Wolfe $50.000 $0
Sammy George $78.425 $0
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1 Comment to Winners and losers at the PartyPoker Den III

Jeremy Olson
October 10, 2008

It would be extremely hard to keep focus on a game for 36 hours and still make money in the end. I know that guy (David Cain) who recently set the poker endurance record of 74 hours straight didn’t even know why he was there about halfway through.

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