Win a Nokia N96 at the first All-About-Poker-Tournament

Thursday, July 30th, 2009 | Tournaments | 6 Comments

On 26th of August in the year 2008, we started our little poker blog with a Poker Tracker 3 Review, which means that we will celebrate our first birthday in about four weeks. Reasons enough for us to organize a little online poker tournament. So we proudly present:

The first All-About-Poker-Tournament
30th of August on PokerStars

In addition to the normal prize pool, Nokia is sponsoring a Nokia N96 and a copy of Million Dollar Poker for the winner. All in all a prize pool of over 500$. Big thanks to Nokia!!

Who can participate?

Everyone who has the PokerStars Software installed. If not already done, you can download it here.

How much is the buy-in?

Actually we wanted to arrange a freeroll, but private tournaments on PokerStars have a minimum buy-in of $5 (+$0,50). If you write about the tournament in your blog or website, we will pay the buy-in for you as well as for the first 10 commentators of this post. So, be quick!

What can I win?

Besides the normal prize pool (depending on the number of participants), the winner gets a Nokia N96 and a copy of the mobile game Million Dollar Poker.


  • Date: 30th of August, 20:00 CET
  • Host: PokerStars
  • Tournament-ID: 182830379
  • Password: AAPCeleb
  • Buy-in: free for the first 10 commentators, $5 (+$0,50) for the others

So, shuffle up and deal and may the best win!!

SkyLowLow & El Gordo

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Mac-compatible software launched by PokerStars

Sunday, September 7th, 2008 | Poker rooms | No Comments

The online poker room PokerStars launched a fully-functional Mac-compatible software on friday, 5th of September 2008. The new software allows Mac players to have access to all of the features that users playing on Windows machines do. PokerStars is beside Full Tilt Poker one of two big online poker rooms that offer a fully-compatible Mac-version of its software. Although PCs are still the top gaming platform, the number of online games with Mac has been growing and PokerStars stepped up to deliver it.
Several other poker sites (e.g PartyPoker or Absolute Poker) only offer web-based versions of their software for Mac-users.

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Poker Variant Badugi new at

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008 | Poker rooms | 1 Comment

Badugi is a draw poker variant similar to triple draw, But instead of five cards the hands contain only four cards. There are three drawing rounds, where every player can trade zero to four cards from his hand.

The hand ranking of badugi differs a little bit from the “normal poker”. At the showdown certain cards must be removed to construct a one, two, three or four card badugi hand. All Players must discard one of any two suited cards and one of any paired cards from the four hole cards. A badugi hand with more cards beats a hand with fewer cards, e.g a three card badugi hand beats a two card badugi hand,

If two badugi hands containing the same number of cards the hand, the hand with the lower card is superior. As in lowball the ace is the lowest card. Therefore the badugi hand A 2 3 4 5 rainbow is the best possible hand.

You can find the poker variant badugi in the PokerStars-Software in the tab “Other Games”. Until now there is only an announcement that badugi is coming soon.

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