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EPEC III in Sardinia – Poker at its best

Sunday, May 17th, 2009 | Tournaments | 1 Comment

As I mentioned in a previous post, I won a trip to Sardinia to play the Everest Poker European Cup (EPEC) final tournament.

After a two hour flight and a subsequent fifty minute bus ride, I arrived at the Chia Laguna Resort with fantastic weather (about 24° C), where all players were awaited by the Everest Team.

After the check-in, I was relaxing at the pool and awaiting the EPEC welcome party. Besides the other German and European players, I also met Silke Burghardt again, who, like myself, won the EPEC-qualification in Munich.

The next day stood under the sign of poker. The famous and probably best poker tournament director Thomas Kremser welcomed the players and said the holy words “dealer, shuffle up and deal” and the EPEC tournament began. First all went right, I could win a few pots but then I had a little downswing and after two hours. I was all-in with A10 unsuited against AQ unsuited. Fortunately, I got a ten on the river to double up with this two-outer.

After that, the poker god was not really well-minded to me and so after about four hours of playing time, I was busted with AJ suited against AK unsuited. My opponent flopped a full house and I was nearly drawing dead. Only the last ace would have helped me to split the pot. But turn and river was a blank card so the tournament ended for me. After that I had a lot of time to cheer for the other players and to explore the environment of the beautiful resort and the beach.

Here are a few pictures of the tournament and the beach:

EPEC Beach Pic 3
EPEC Beach Pic 4
EPEC Poker Table Pic 1
EPEC Poker Table Pic 2
EPEC Poker Table Pic 3
EPEC Beach Pic 1
EPEC Beach Pic 2

The first day of the tournament was played down to 36 players, which were all in the money. The 36th still got € 400, which was, looking at the drink prices in the disco (4 Euros for a Coke, 8 Euros for a Cuba Libre), not bad.

After about four and a half hours of playing time on the second day, the nine finalists were found. The final table contained three Swiss players, two Swedish players, an Italian player, a French and two Dutch players.

Chip counts of the last nine players

Seat Name Land Chip count
1 Sohail Ghaleh Assadi Switzerland 86.000
2 Mario Cotogno Italy 155.000
3 Johan Carlvik Sweden 264.000
4 Paweł Kabat Poland 204.000
5 Dirk Willem Karsies Netherlands 304.000
6 Marvin Torsoh Netherlands 173.000
7 Pablo Finini Switzerland 464.000
8 Susanne Birkemose Sweden 91.000
9 Gael Seydoux Switzerland 153.000

The nine finalists played about five hours before the two last players were found:
Pablo Finini and Gael Seydoux, both from Switzerland, played the heads-up, which lasted only a few hands. Pablo Finini defeats his opponent and won the third EPEC tournament. He took a prize of € 21.000 and Gael Seydoux, as the runner-up, received still € 16.000.

Here are a few pictures and videos of the final table:

EPEC Poker Final Table Pic 1
EPEC Poker Final Table Pic 2
EPEC Poker Final Table Pic 3
EPEC Winners Pic 1

Payouts of the EPEC III

Position Name Land Payout
1 Pablo Finini Switzerland € 21.000
2 Gael Seydoux Switzerland € 16.000
3 Johan Carlvik Sweden € 12.000
4 Marvin Torsoh Netherlands € 9.000
5 Susanne Birkemose Sweden € 7.000
6 Sohail Ghaleh Assadi Switzerland € 5.000
7 Dirk Willem Karsies Netherlands € 4.000
8 Mario Cotogno Italy € 3.000
9 Paweł Kabat Poland € 2.000
10 Jacopo Spandri Italy € 1.600
11 Ferenc Koreck Hungary € 1.600
12 Angelika Von Hielmcrone Germany € 1.600
13 Herman Campmans Netherlands € 1.300
14 Kersten Rutzel Germany € 1.300
15 Christian Müller Germany € 1.300
16 Benoist Fechner France € 1.000
17 Enrico Garzotto Italy € 1.000
18 Martin Sarat France € 1.000
19 Barna Jankacs Hungary € 800
20 Marco Orlandi Switzerland € 800
21 Maurizio Cuomo Italy € 800
22 Samuel Roman Alegre Rinne Spain € 600
23 Joffrey Huber Germany € 600
24 Clément Judic France € 600
25 Johann Richter Austria € 500
26 Emmanuel Rapinier France € 500
27 Jimmy Garnoy France € 500
28 Richard Dutour France € 400
29 Michael Hoegerl Germany € 400
30 Silke Burghardt Germany € 400
31 Istvan Marosi Hungary € 400
32 Teppo Helminen Finland € 400
33 Christophe Lacas France € 400
34 Cyril Gras France € 400
35 Piero Mormina Italy € 400
36 Jürgen Lautwein Germany € 400

I wish to thank Everest Poker for this great and well organized event. I hope that I can participate again in such a poker event in the near future.

Finally, many greetings to Stephi, Silke and Thomas, Robert and Nicole, Joffrey, Mareike and Klaus, Albert and Era and Robert “Susi” Werthan of Pokerfirma.de. Perhaps we can see us again in another tournament.

You can find more pictures of the EPEC III tournament on Flickr.

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WotR “Hörertreffen” 2009: Party, chicks and a trip to sardinia

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 | Tournaments | 1 Comment

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I played the final table of the Webmasters on the Roof Series of Poker (WotR) in Munich on Saturday, 24th. The event was hosted by Mediadonis and Fridaynite and sponsored by Everest Poker, which all made an incredible job. The location, the 089 Bar in Munich, was also great and the party really amazing.

And best of all, Silke Burghardt and I survived the final table (besides Marcus and Fridaynite) and therefore won the two tickets to Sardinia in May to play the final EPEC 2009 tournament. We started with 4.000$ chips and blinds of 25$/50$. I really had no hands and played only four hands the whole tournament. With an M-ratio of 2, I had to call an all-in move with K9 against the AQ of Marcus. I turned a full house (Kings full of nines) so I doubled up and survived. Sorry Marcus! In the end, the last player was eliminated by Silke.

In Sardinia, there will be about 200 participants, who qualified in several Everest Poker events (live and online poker). The prize pool of this tournament is overall $100.000. The tournament’s prize structure has not been published yet.

Here are some pictures of this fantastic evening:

WotR Munich 2009 Pic 1
WotR Munich 2009 Pic 2
WotR Munich 2009 Pic 3
WotR Munich 2009 Pic 4
WotR Munich 2009 Pic 5
WotR Munich 2009 Pic 6

Special thanks to Thomas Luk, Nils Hennig, Silke Burghardt and Gianfranco Murgia for a great party.


Munich, I’m coming!

Thursday, December 4th, 2008 | Tournaments | 3 Comments

On Tuesday, I won the second Webmasters on the Roof Series of Poker qualification-tournament on Everest Poker which was hosted by Mediadonis and Fridaynite, two well-known German webmasters. Therefore, I will travel to Munich in January 2009 to play the final table against the six other qualifiers, Fridaynite and Mediadonis, who was part of the PokerStars-Beat the Stars-tournament in Germany and is a regularly participant of EPT- and WSOP-Events.

So cross your fingers for me!!!

If I finish this tournament first or second, I will get an EPEC-Package for the final-tournament in Sardinia at the end of may with a prize pool of 100.000 €.

Here is the list of the participants of the final table in Munich

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