Sebastian “Luckbox” Ruthenberg chipleader after day 1 of the EPT Barcelona 2008 (Season 5)

Friday, September 12th, 2008 by skylowlow

Sebastian “Luckbox” Ruthenberg from Germany is the chipleader after day 1a and day 1b of the EPT Barcelona 2008. He starts at day 2 with 105.900 chips followed by Jonas Klausen from Denmark with 101.800 chips and Mikael Lundell from Sweden with 101.000 chips.
Sebastian Ruthenberg won his first bracelet at the Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo event at the WSOP 2008 and is therefore the world champion in this poker variant.

Overall 619 players played at the two starting days. 203 of them will return at day 2, including the PokerStars Pros Chad Brown and Andre Akkari. They are all hoping to win the tournament and take the first prize which is €1.361.000. The runner-up gets at least €792.000.

Here are the top 20 chipcounts after both starting days:

Name Country Chipcount
Sebastian Ruthenberg Germany 105.900
Jonas Klausen Denmark 101.800
Mikael Lundell Sweden 101.000
Brice Cournut France 87.100
Michael Murra Germany 87.000
Jason Mercier USA 79.300
Olof Jonatan Stal Sweden 78.100
Nichlas Saarisilta Sweden 76.100
Aniol Alcaraz Coca Spain 74.100
Pedro Pocas Portugal 73.600
Rasmus Hede Nielsen Denmark 73.100
Jesper Hougaard Denmark 72.700
Haward Speer Germany 72.300
Voitto Rintala Finland 71.800
Nestor Ygborn Sweden 71.200
David Shave Kruger USA 71.100
Mazhar Nawab Ireland 70.600
Sorel Mizzi Canada 68.500
Chad Brown USA 67.100
Dren Ukella Germany 65.800
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