APPT Macau: André Wagner chipleader

Monday, September 1st, 2008 by skylowlow

After day 1a of the APPT Macau, the german André “HoRRoR ” Wagner is the chipleader. He elimates Anthony Rivera in the last played hand of the day. André Wagner was holding pocket tens and Anthony Rivera A K going all in. André Wager called and get his set on a 8 10 6 flop. The turn was J making Anthony Rivera a straight draw. But the expected queen didn’t come and therefore with the 6 Andrè Wagner get his full house and take the lead with 109.700 chips followed by Kofi Farkye with 78.700 chips and Daisy Cupino Wain with 70.100 chips.

Here the top ten chipcounts after day 1a:

Name Country Chipcount
Andre Wagner Germany 109.700
Kofi Farkye USA 78.700
Daisy Cupino Wain USA 70.100
Steven Djingga Indonesia 62.400
Guray Turkay Turkey 54.300
Xinzheng Xu China 52.800
Yadong Liu China 51.500
Tyrone Kerrigan Great Britain 49.400
Chong Yiu Charles Lam Hong Kong 41.000
Yinh Chieh Chen 40.700
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