5 reasons to play limit poker

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 by skylowlow

If you watch poker on TV, the most time you will see all the poker pros playing no-limit hold’em making big moves, shoving all their chips to the middle of the table and winning big pots. But a lot of those pros play fixed-limit and pot-limit poker as well. For beginners it is the recommended kind of game, because it it more straightforward and less dangerous. Limit-poker is more a game of value betting, which means that you have to try to get the maximum value for your hand.

So, if you never played limit-poker, give it a try. Here are 5 good reasons to play limit-poker:

5. In limit-poker you will only lose one big bet at the end (not your whole stack), when your opponent catches his miracle card on the river.
4. You sleep the whole night knowing that your opponent didn’t bluff you out of a pot, instead of wondering whether or not your opponent had a hand when he got all-in.
3. The players who get lucky against you will be back again and again and again, giving you all your money back on the long run.
2. You can have a big down-swing and still have money to play, whereas in no-limit hold’em, you could be broke in a few days.
1. Your opponents have lost their biggest weapon: They can’t throw all their chips in the middle and shout “All-In”.

As “Miami” John Cernuto said: “Even though the big no-limit hold’em tournaments can bring their 15 minutes of fame and millions of dollars, the other games can be a great way to make a living.

If you have more reasons to play limit-poker, let us know and leave a comment!

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