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Doyle Brunson bets against his death prediction

Sunday, February 8th, 2009 | Miscellaneous | 1 Comment

Mack Rawden wrote a macabre article in CinemaBlend named “100 Most Likely People to Die in 2009″ and listed Doyle Brunson in 16th place with a 10% chance to die from obesity in 2009. In my opinion, this statement is really ridiculous. Doyle Brunson lost about 130 pounds in the past five years.

Therefore Doyle Brunson wrote a blog post on his online poker site DoylesRoom, calling Rawden a “clown” and then remarking, “… he said it was a 10% chance I would die. I would like to lay 10-1 for any amount if anybody knows this joker.”

Marc Rawden accepted the bet for $1.000, which means Doyle Brunson would pay out $10.000 if he dies in 2009, with all the winnings going to the American Cancer Society.

One of Brunson’s poker colleagues will hold the bet. The possible list of trustees including Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman and Mike Sexton.

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